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A Day on the Powder Highway!

Our last corporate ski trip to Revelstoke Mountain Resort was an incredible success and I would chalk that up entirely to Resort Tours. As a corporate group, we had different needs than student groups that other tour operators tend to cater towards. The owner of Resort Tours, Tod Canton, completely understood that and went over and above to ensure that our group had the best on hill accommodation, dinner reservations and flawless service from our tour guides. The guides were wonderful with the employees’ children that attended the ski trip from coloring at the front of the bus, to ensuring that there were child-friendly movies available on the motor coach.

As with any trip through the mountains, ours was not without challenges. Our bus became stuck in a soft snow patch at a bathroom break enroute to Revelstoke and we even became “Revelstuck” for an evening in Revelstoke due to avalanche conditions in Rogers Pass. Tod readily accepted the critique that the bus did not having ideal tires for winter driving and he ensured that feedback would be immediately delivered to the tour bus company that he contracted for the tour. Additionally, after we realized that getting through Rogers Pass would not be possible, Tod contacted the hotel at Revelstoke Ski Resort and we were comfortably back in our hotel rooms within an hour (at a 50% discounted rate!)

On the organizing end, Resort Tours was excellent in answering questions, concerns and walking us through every logistical detail.

The trip was such a success that it made the front page of our internal corporate website and I was inundated with emails asking if there would be another trip next year.

Thank you to Tod and the rest of the Resort Tours team for providing one of the best ski trip weekends I have ever been on! -Jessica Kaczmer. Read more customer reviews

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